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  • Windows (Check us out on Steam!)
  • Available in English only, with plans to localize to 26 languages


What is Crisp Cube?

Crisp Cube is an action puzzle game where you melt away diverse sets of cubes to clear each level and enter different worlds. You play as Mr. Crisp. Mr. Crisp starts at one end of a grid-like play area while a sequence of diverse cubes appears on the other side and begins to roll towards him. Help Mr. Crisp melt away all but the black Void Cubes, using standard or special triggers, to clear each level. If you accidentally melt away the wrong cubes or let non-void cubes roll off the edge, the play area will shrink; this could lead to Mr. Crisp’s untimely demise. Make no mistakes, however, and Mr. Crisp will gain more play area to stand on. Crisp Cube is inspired by a game called Intelligent Qube.

Crisp Cube will be available on Windows and Mac on public release, which will be available after the private beta. The private beta will only be available on Windows to reduce the overhead of build maintenance.

As for the anticipated release date,  estimate the private beta release within a few months. To start, this would contain some of the earlier worlds. Around a year later, I would anticipate the first public release of Crisp Cube to be available. This would contain most of the levels and game-play mechanics, which would be tuned by this point. 

Cube Types

In large part, the variety in the game comes from the diverse cast of cube types defined here: 

Normal Cube

 The Normal Cube is a standard cube you need to melt away.

Special Cube

The Special cube will create a 3 by 3 area of special triggers where it was melted. This will allow a maximum of 9 cubes to melted away with a single activation of the special trigger.

Void Cube

The void cube is the only cube that must not be melted. If there are only void cubes on the platform, you’ll notice they are automatically floated away. This is the equivalent of letting void cubes roll off the platform.

Water Cube

The water cube can only be melted if it comes into contact with Mr.Crisp. If a water cube comes into contact with a Standard or Special trigger, that trigger will be removed. 

Fire Cube

The fire cube can potentially melt a lot of cubes when it is melted. When a Fire cube is melted, it will spread and melt to all perpendicularly connected Normal cubes and Fire cubes. However, the fire will not spread to cubes connected perpendicularly or diagonally to Water cubes.

Inversion Cube
The Inversion Cube is a unique cube type. When you melt an inversion cube, a board inversion will occur. A board inversion will make certain cubes become their inverted cube types. Normal Cubes will become Void Cubes and Void Cubes will become Normal Cubes. Water Cubes will become Fire Cubes and Fire Cubes will become Water Cubes.
This cube is only introduced later in gameplay since the player will need a solid fundamental understanding of the other cube types before being introduced to this cube. The Inversion Cube adds a whole new level of gameplay as the way you solve puzzles is completely reframed within the new perspective of board inversions.


The meter builds up as Mr.Crisp melts non-void cubes in succession. As the meter builds, it will eventually build into complete segments. Complete segments can be used to warp time, which allows Mr.Crisp to move around while the cubes stop rolling. This allows you to plan your next move, while still being able to melt cubes..


Each world in Crisp Cube represents a different collection of cube types. In the first world, only the Normal, Void, and Special cubes types will be present. Other worlds will have other cube types and cube combinations, until you are eventually playing with all six cube types.
The manner in which levels are played is not necessarily linear. The second world, for example, becomes unlocked when you have cleared half of the levels in the first world. Most players will be able to experience all of the standard worlds and cube type combinations. The bonus worlds, however, represent more difficult challenges and, as such, have more difficult requirements.

Mr. Crisp

Who is our hero Mr.Crisp? The delightfully fluffy Mr.Crisp of unknown origins appears to be a standing Shiba Inu. His  trans dimensional existence continues to defy modern thinking.


The aim is for Crisp Cube to be easy enough for beginners to pick up yet challenging enough for advanced players. The hope is that most players get to experience all the game mechanics by gaining access into the different worlds. For the advanced players, more intense challenges await in the bonus worlds.

Joystick Or Keyboard

Crisp Cube can played on a joystick or keyboard. If you have a modern console, you should be able to plug in that controller without additional drivers. The PS4 controller, Xbox One Controller, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller all work out of the box. See this for a complete list of supported controllers. 

Color Blind Friendly

Crisp Cube can be enjoyed by most players with varying levels of color blindness, specifically through the use of texture and different brightness values.

About Me

My name is Jon Menard, the creator of Crisp Cube. I went to school for multimedia, which briefly touched on programming, however I am primarily a self taught programmer. Since then, I've been programming professionally for around 8 years. I work on Crisp Cube in my spare time.
A few years ago, I had the itch to create a small game. What started out as a hobby goofing around in Unity, slowly started to turn into a larger project. The gameplay started expanding but the game didn't look or sound very good. To solve this, I enlisted freelancers and purchased assets to help me polish the game. Eventually, the name Crisp Cube came to me, and that is the project you see here today.

Release date

When is it out?

When it's done. The game is currently privately playable, but it is not in pre-alpha state as of yet.

I promise I will post updates here if there are any.

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Credits & Notices


Creator - Jonathan Menard

Cover Art - Domen Koželj

Mr.Crisp Character Concept - Lee Chyi Ming

Mr.Crisp Modelling & Texturing - Brian Dolan

Mr.Crisp Rigging & Animation - Thomas Schafer

Music - Nathan Cleary

Voice Acting - Zehra Naqvi

Mastering - Luc Gregoire

Additional 3D - Pierre Viau

Special Thanks
Mom & Dad

Andrew Woloszyn


ToonShading by Kink3d

Invert Cube Texture

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